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What's this?

Well, since you've somehow stumbled here, this is a fairly small site with all of the random and potentially useful tools, gadgets, and other general creations I've made over the years. Who knows, maybe you'll find something that you always wanted but could never find!

Main Projects

Final Grade Calculator

What's Unique: Supports various common test policies (lowest test replaced, dropped, half replaced) and unweighted tests (unweighted coming hopefully soon!)

Find out what you need to get on your final in a simple, intuitive interface!

Google Feud Answers

What's Unique: You won't have to scroll through tens of pages to find what you're looking for!

Getting distracted in class, but want to one up your friends (or just bored)? Use this!

Disclaimer: Google is a registered trademark of Google Inc. Family Feud is a registered trademark of FremantleMedia North America, Inc. This page is not related to or endorsed by either of these companies.

State of Being Verb Checker

Currently too specific of a thing to exist elsewhere! In the unlikely event that you're required to have zero state of being verbs, this checker will catch all 28 common SOBVs!

Kevin Spin

Like Taco Spin or Leek Spin, but with a guy (whose name is, unsurprisingly, Kevin) spinning around instead.

More (as if you're interested)

My About Me Page

(the above page will also give links to my first CS projects on Khan and more!)

The Original Homepage

A "homepage" that wasn't really a homepage, and more of a placeholder shouting "check out these random things!"
Ok, maybe this homepage isn't that much different but this one's actually complete!

My Heroku Server

Doesn't have anything interesting unless you know me in person or something.

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