Ryan Zhang

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

High School Student. Typical Asian.

Colorado, United States

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Photo: Tianjin, China (Not mine :p)

About Me

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Who is This Guy?

Hi! I'm Ryan. High school student, knows a thing or two about web design (for example, this page), yet has ever taken a web design class at school (internet is useful). Asian, knows Chinese (Hu dialect semi-fluently, Mandarin not so much).

I enjoy coding (ex. this page), video games, biking (recreationally), as well as social events in general. I used to be a complete introvert, but have gotten a lot better over the last couple of years. Yay!

Possibly shares too much on the internet... then again digital privacy is rapidly declining. Oh well.

Why This Page?

Basically, (amateur) web design skills and a desire to make something (somewhat) meaningful instead of something pointless such as Kevin Spin results in this page!
This page is also partially inspired by Linktree as a replacement link for my bio, because I didn't really like the way Linktree looked. (what if I wanted every link to be a different color..?) So basically, my dissatisfaction over Linktree made me end up here. :D

Random Trivia


Some of the things I've made in my spare time

Public Projects

New projects are no longer being updated here. They'll all be listed on the homepage, with a dedicated portfolio page planned for the future.

This Page

My first real attempt at making a responsive webpage (meaning it doesn't look horrible on a phone) because I wanted a cool link for my Instagram bio link. Even though I'll probably make a dedicated Instagram landing page similar to linktr.ee (eventually it's here now!).

Google Feud Answers

Originally made because I was tired of kids in my class scrolling through endless blogs named "Google Feud Answers" and then complaining that the answers were outdated... decided against actually telling them about the existence of this site because I was shy.

Kevin Spin

When one of my friends moved, we decided to make this site for reasons unrelated to the fact that they moved. It just so happened to occur at the same time. We were bored alright?

More projects on this site

There's a lot more stuff on this site, and links to (almost) all of them are on this site's homepage. There's a lot of random stuff there, go check it out!

Khan Academy Projects

My original inspiration for coding back when I was 10 (yay...) - half of my projects don't work anymore after KA changed their runtime and sandboxed a ton of stuff, which was what made me turn to learning Web Design instead of continuing on KA. Expect some cringy stuff there.

Codecademy "Codebits"

My next step in learning web design (around when I was 11-12). Would definitely not have recommended it when I took their lessons (~2015), but they've improved a lot. Expect more cringy stuff there.

Personal Projects

MSCP (Minecraft Server Control Panel)

A cross-platform application to make running Minecraft servers super easy, as well as for me to experiment with making desktop apps. Part of the now-defunct "The Store" project. Curious to see how it looked? Check out the (now archived) old landing page.


My own version/spin-off of the GameJolt Client app - manage, download, update games and also generates charts based on your activity. Part of the now-defunct "The Store" project.

Movie Center

My own version/spin-off of the GameJolt Client app - manage, download, update games and also generates charts based on your activity. Part of the now-defunct "The Store" project.

More Random Servers

Because I have many random servers, all of which do some random task. Feel free to explore!

Social Media

As well as accounts not technically considered “Social Media”
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